Your valuable load is central to our total business operation. In all of our services, we deliver the highest possible quality. We won't settle for anything less. You will recognise this quality in

our people

ZTB Expeditie's staff are selected with the greatest care. They have a huge sense of responsibility and many years of experience. They are multilingual, honest and know what they are doing.

our expertise

Behind our services there is a lot of knowledge. We know the regulations applicable in all West European countries, which helps us to carry out your transport quickly, safely and reliably.

our equipment

  • All or our lorries are fitted with on-board computers. We are constantly in touch with our drivers, so that we can quickly anticipate new assignments.
  • The trailers are fitted with heavy ride-up ramps.
  • With 22 lashing eyes, our lorries guarantee to safely secure the load. Every eye can withstand a tensile force of five to eight tonnes.
  • Every vehicle is fitted with two tarpaulins (7.00 x 9.00 m.). These ensure that your valuable load remains dry.
  • Chains and lashing equipment are frequently inspected and are (NEN-EN 12195-3) certified.


ZTB Expeditie
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4691 RW Tholen

+31 (0)164 - 67 25 22 

Elroy de Vries 
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