Who are we?

Since its formation in 2003, ZTB-Expeditie BV has undergone a phased growth within the world of exceptional transport. Owing to our broad experience, professionalism and service, every day we can offer our customers the best transport solutions at competitive rates.

The farthest corners of Europe

ZTB-Expeditie BV is located in Ossendrecht, positioned centrally between the harbours of Rotterdam Moerdijk, Vlissingen and Antwerp. Our vehicle combinations and transporters leave from this location to the farthest corners of Europe. Our work is mainly centred around transport from and to Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal and Germany. However, our vehicle combinations can also often be seen in Great Britain and Scandinavia.

From the point of departure to the final destination

ZTB-Expeditie will tend to the transport of your exceptional load from the point of departure to the final destination. That means that our solutions extend further than transport by road. Where necessary, we also arrange transport by ship or by aeroplane. Promptly, safely and reliably.


ZTB Expeditie
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