ZTB Expeditie
Schelde Rijnweg 12
4691 RW Tholen

+31 (0)164 - 67 25 22 

Elroy de Vries 
+31 (0)6 539 238 18


Your exceptional transport is our concern!

Your everyday work consists of the trade in or production of machines, transformers or transformer houses. Our everyday work involves the transport of these loads. If you wish to transport these valuable loads, which have exceptional dimensions, both safely and reliably, that requires a lot of time and attention, but predominantly professionalism and specific equipment.

Safe and reliable

ZTB Expeditie is specialised in exceptional transport. We are your expert in the transport of loads that are long, high, wide and/or heavy. We arrange the required permits and, where necessary, the (police) escort vehicles. At our disposal, we have the equipment to ensure that your load arrives safely and reliably at its destination.

Trouble-free transport

ZTB Expeditie goes to considerable lengths with transport. Does your machine not only have to be transported, but also installed on site? Does your machine have to have seaworthy packing? Is your load so huge that even street furniture has to be removed in order to transport it? Our experienced staff will inspect the entire route and will guarantee trouble-free transport. One telephone call and your transport will be arranged to the minutest detail.